Financial Support

Normally, full-time PhD candidates receive a funding package that includes either a full teaching or other assistantship through their eligible years of full-time study. We recognize that full-time study for a PhD involves a long-term commitment and requires at least some financial security and certainty. Full-time MA candidates also normally receive a funding package from York. Note that funding is not available for part-time MA or PhD students. For detailed funding package see Graduate Funding at York FAQS.

Entrance Awards

There are a number of entrance awards available either through the program, other units on campus, or the Faculty of Graduate Studies which Political Science students are eligible for and have regularly won. These include the Graduate Fellowship for Academic Distinction, the Elia Scholar Award, and the David Leyton-Brown Award among others. The program also offers, the YRC Scholarship in Feminist International Political Economy and the Neal Wood Memorial Award. No special application for any of these awards is necessary; the program automatically considers all eligible candidates.
Applications for these awards, including many others, can be accessed at Faculty of Graduate Studies - Funding and Awards.

External Scholarships

There are, in addition to the above, externally-awarded scholarships and fellowships for which qualified students are encouraged to apply (the most well-known of these are the Ontario Graduate Scholarships and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council Scholarships and Fellowships). The program keeps students apprised of the major competitions, and does all it can to aid in the completion of application forms. We are very proud of the enviable record we have achieved in these external competitions.

Please visit Faculty of Graduate Studies - Funding and Awards for more information.