MA Political Science

Admission Requirements

An Honours degree in Political Science or its equivalent from a recognized university with at least a B+ average in the last two years equivalent of undergraduate study.

Normally, the Graduate Program admits only applicants with an overall grade average of B+ or A over the last two years of academic work.

For the MA level, however, the Program is prepared to examine applications of candidates with an overall average of B, provided that their grades in Political Science related courses are clearly B+ or better.

Admission to the MA program does not guarantee promotion to the PhD program.  Normally, MA candidates cannot proceed to the PhD program until all MA requirements are completed.  However, MA candidates who have compiled a strong record of achievement may be promoted on condition that all MA requirements be completed before registration in September.

Degree Requirements

The MA generally takes a full calendar year to complete, with the summer term devoted to completing the Research Paper or Thesis.  The three options for the MA are:

  1. three full-year courses (or their equivalent in full and half-year courses) plus the MA Research Paper,
  2. four full course equivalents with one 25-30 page essay identified as a designated research paper written as part of the requirements for a 6000-level graduate-only course, or
  3. two full courses plus an MA Thesis.  We generally discourage students from taking the thesis option unless they have a very solid background in the discipline and a research topic important enough to warrant one-half of their time for a full year.

Program Components

  • MA candidates must take courses in at least two of the program's five fields.  Those who plan to proceed to the PhD program are advised to select their courses with the future in mind.
  • All MA students must enrol in the MA Colloquium, a half credit course graded on a pass/fail basis.  The MA Colloquium seeks to familiarize students with the range of scholarly work in which members of the Political Science faculty are engaged.
  • York also offers a part-time MA program.  Its general requirements are identical to the full-time program described above, save that candidates normally take only one full course per year.
  • Candidates for the MA whether full or part-time, must complete all degree requirements within four years of their initial registration.

Please visit How to Apply for detailed instructions on applying to the program.