General Requirements

Every effort is made to accommodate students' individual needs and interests.  In either the MA or the PhD degree program, students may take a full course outside the discipline of Political Science when work in another field is part of the agreed upon program of study.  In each degree program, students may arrange for one full course to be taken as a Directed Reading or Research Course, with the agreement of a faculty member, when a particular topic or area of interest is not covered in existing courses in the program. A candidate may also petition our program to take a full course for credit at any approved university outside York to acquire training not available here.

Graduate-only Seminars

MA candidates writing a thesis, and all PhD candidates, may take no more than one full course that regularly enrolls fourth-year undergraduates as well as graduate students. MA candidates who take a three-course-plus Research Paper option may take one and a half such courses.


Regulations 38-43 of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar spell out University policies in detail.  In addition to these regulations, our program requires that all graduate students maintain at least a 'B' average in their graduate courses to remain in good standing.

Language or Cognate Requirements

In order to obtain the PhD degree, students must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English, or in a cognate skill such as statistics.  This requirement can be fulfilled either by formal coursework already on a student's transcript or taken once enrolled at York (a year-long university level course), or by special examination through the program.  Specific requirements vary from field to field and follow a straight-forward logic, which is to ensure that the skills necessary to carry out original research have been acquired.